Must have Picturebooks for 2yr olds

1. Wonderful Things You Will Be

Wonderful things you will be

One of the must-have classics that are also on a prenatal reading list. Read more about the book here as well.

20 must have picturebooks

2. Guess How Much I Love U

20 must have picturebook for 2year old

Guess how much I love you

All about two cute bunnies, this book is also on must have books for 1 yr old  Read here

3. The Book With No Pictures

This book is perfect for self-readers who are just starting out to venture into books without pictures

the book with no pictures

4. The Rabbit Listened

The Rabbit Listened

Children have so many feelings which they are unable to convey. We try to talk to them, shout at them and punish them what we need to do sometimes is just listen.

5. The Invisible Boy

Sometimes it makes a stranger to make to feel like yourself again. When a little boy was invisible to his classmates, a new student in the  class noticed him and that’s when he flourished.

The Invisible Boy

6. The Snail And The Whale

The Snail And The Whale

Sometimes The tiniest of creatures can make a big impact and the least likely friendships can help everyone flourish.

7. The Day You Begin.

Fitting is not easy but actually standing out is is even harder.

The Day You Begin

8. The Giving Tree

The Invisible Tree

A mother’s love is the most unselfish. No matter how much the child takes, she always have some more to give.

9. On The Origin Of Species

This beautifully illustrated hardcover is perfect who introduce the Darwinian principles and beautiful creatures from the past and present

The Invisible Tree

10. Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are

As naughty as can be, this one is for those naughty kids that love to go on adventures and let their imagination run wild.

11. The Story Of Ferdinand

All the bulls love to fight but Ferdinand loves to smell the flowers. A story that helps children carve their own way even when everyone expects you to do something else

The Story Of Ferdinand

12. Brown Bear Brown Bear

Brown Bear Brown Bear

A favorite among toddlers, this book is a must have for toddlers as well preschoolers for the rhyming text and easy read


13. Owl Babies

Where does mother go when she is not with you? When will she come back? Will she come back? All babies face separation anxiety, especially when they are about to start schooling

Owl Babies

14. All By Myself

All By Myself

Toddlers love doing stuff on their own, many times we parents don’t have the patience to let them. This is a perfect read-aloud for kids and parents to enjoy.


15. The Little Engine That Could

A cute little story of perseverance and confidence that has been loved by children all over the world since the 1920’s

The Little Engine That Could

16. Just Ask

Just Ask

We all are different but in more ways than we know we all are the same. All you have to do is just ask. 

17. The Dot

Start Start with a single dot and then unleash the creativity! There is nothing in this world that you can’t do if you only dare to begin.


The Dot

18. I Want My Hat Back

I Want My Hat Back

.A tale against the perils of lying and stealing that is fun for both adults and children. 

19. Library Lion

Lions are not meant to be in the library and the librarian is very strict about her rules but only a lion could help when help is needed in this library.

Library Lion

20. My Heart

My Heart

From the author illustrator of the book of mistakes comes a gorgeous pictures book about caring of your own heart and living with kindness and empathy

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