It is always wonderful seeing a baby performing an extraordinary act, especially when the action is beyond such a baby’s age. Over time, we have witnessed Got Talent Shows in America, Britain, and many more, where kids perform mind-blowing acts. For instance, V Unbeatable from India, who auditioned in America’s Got Talent, had kids who could perform acrobats and dance amazingly. These kinds of acts can only be possible if they have been introduced to them at a young age.

Although there are kids who got their smartness from genetics, good nutrition, protection against toxins, regular exercise also influences a child’s IQ. Many parents doubt that they have the power to make their baby a super kid, some still reference predestination as a significant factor in whether a baby will be a super kid. From a scientific perspective, here are 5 proven scientific means to make your baby great:


Scientifically, when you sing to a baby, the concentration skills are improved, the creative quotient is enhanced, and imaginative abilities are increased. Apart from that, scientists have confirmed that songs increase the neuro-plasticity of the baby’s brain. If the baby finds the music attractive, hormones like oxytocin and endorphins that induce happiness into the body are released. Through singing, your baby starts getting active in activities, and over time, their outstanding growth becomes evident.

 Reading (Sensory / Interactive Books)

 The book advisable is an interactive or sensory book where you can interact with your baby. If they are not getting anything right, you’ll be able to correct them. These books help promote your baby’s growing brain’s development and stir the child’s interest in reading and loving literature. Another aspect is that the child begins to learn about language due to the book’s nature of containing words they will pronounce. As you read to the child, synapses between the neurons connect and positively affect the child.

For example, when reading a sensory book and asking your child, “what do you see,” honestly, these words hold no meaning to the child. However, the baby begins to take notice of words and how it correlates. If your baby sees a basket and you tell the child that the image is a basket, the child begins to have a graphic idea.


This is important to the breastfeeding mothers. You know it is essential to boost the milk supply when your baby isn’t feeding. You also know pump value when your baby is not close by. What if you don’t need a pump to get the milk flow? Hand expressions can help out.

Hand expression is using the hand to imitate what your baby does to express milk. Press gently to release colostrums, which are for the baby’s development. Aside from that, it prevents the baby from choking when breastfeeding. Also, as your baby grows, use expressions to communicate, point, and direct. It helps them to decode you when you are trying to communicate secretly.

Open-Ended Toys

When babies are born, their mind is designed to learn, discover, create, and explore. Open-ended toys are the beginning of an exploration into the educational world, which will serve as a foundation for their academic and innovative exploits. Make sure your baby gets enough toys.

Take Time Out with your Baby

Always spend time with the baby in order to bond with them. It may involve face-to-face expressions, giving them a baby massage, and singing a song. This will help the baby understand some features about you and recognize you as the parent quickly. Over time, they begin to grasp your emotions, and it gives the baby a sense of security to express his or her expression around you.

The reality is that every baby has great potential, but it depends on their parent’s impact, which majorly centers on the mother. The things mentioned in this article might look like simple acts, but they go a long way in making your baby an extraordinary child.  

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