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As soon as your little one enters toddlerhood “Phonics” is a keyword that gets thrown around a lot but what are Phonics and how do they aid your child in learning to read? How do they really work?
It can be very confusing for first-time parents. Which are the right books to pick to help children in a simple unhindered manner to learn to read and give them a confidence boost.

Phonemes are nothing but letter sounds. There are three things a child needs to learn about letters in any language.
1. Name of a letter
2. How to recognize a letter
3. Sound the letter makes

A aa

Eg A aa

Once a child begins to recognize what a letter is called and what it looks like, the next step is to teach them what it sounds like. This is the building block of language and once they begin to recognize letter sounds, they can string the sounds together and blend them to read words.

Eg A sounds aa like in Apple or Alligator or Alice
M sounds mmm like Mat or Money or Milk

Now once they know the letter sound they can sound out the letters in words and blend them together like

Eg Aa mmm = Am

Phonic reading books are simple storybooks that have basic words that can be sounded out in a repetitive manner so that the child learns to recognize the words and gains confidence in his reading skills. With every other publisher claiming to have the best phonic reading program, it can be overwhelming to have too many choices. I have listed some of the best phonic reading book sets that you can get for your children.

Songbird Phonics

1. Songbird Phonics
Written by Gruffalo fame author Julia Donaldson, these are colorfully illustrated simple books that have silly stories for little ones to read and laugh at. 

2. Bob Phonic Readers Set
BOB provide simple reading material where the illustrations are not bright and colorful to provide a distraction-free reading experience and focus is completely on the letters

Bob Phonic Readers Set
Biff, Chip, and Kipper

3. Biff, Chip, and Kipper
Based on the popular BBC show, this series explores the adventures of Biff, Chip, and Kipper with 32 books set with increasing reading levels as the child becomes confident in their reading skills

4. Usborne Phonics Readers
Funny stories, interactive flaps, bright catchy illustrations, and rhyming text make these books very attractive for early readers

Usborne Phonics Readers
Funny Photo Phonics

5. Funny Photo Phonics
These hidden gems are a remarkable set of phonic reading books that have photos of fruits, vegetables, and animals with silly expressions and sillier stories that entertain and get phonic sound practice at the same time

6. Letterland
Letters come alive in Letterland. Letters act like characters and play out stories. The letters are many times shaped like the word that they sound out making kids easy to remember the letter sounds with words they are already familiar with.


While every one of these is a great set for phonic reading, every child is unique and parents need to try different sets to gauge which one the child accepts best and let them lead the way.

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