Oliver Jeffers has his own unique style of artwork, much like Eric Carl, Mick Inkpen, Emily Gravett or Anita Jerem. The books take you into a different world created by him. A world where anything is possible. You can catch stars, own rocket ships and travel to the moon to meet aliens. The books speak to children and adults in different ways. Where children innocently see the comical aspect, adults see a deeper meaning in his books. This makes the books perennial, for the lack of a better word, as they grow with the child. Every time the child reads it at different stages of growth, they see different meanings in the books. Perfect for 3 years onwards, these 7 books are a must have for every childs library.

1. The Incredible Book Eating Boy

The story of a boy who once gets very hungry and eats a word, then a sentence, then a page and it tumbles into reading book after book after book! One day while eating books he opens a book and discovers that reading books is much better than eating them.   A story that any book loving child and adult will love to read, this is my top pick from all of Oliver Jeffer’s books.

Once a girl was full of curiosity and wonder until the person who inspired and encouraged her is no more around. It breaks her heart and so she decides to remove her heart, put it in a bottle and hang it around her neck. With her heart in a bottle, she looses all her curiosity and wonder until she is all grown up and someone else comes around to ignite her wonder again. Anyone who has ever lost someone will know the darkness that comes afterwards and nothing and no one seems to interest you. The book handles this very tactfully and in a manner that is suitable for children.

Once a moose walks upto a boy and the boy names him his pet. He plays with him, talks to him and goes on adventures with him. One day the moose and the boy venture too far away from home and meet another lady who claims that the moose belongs to her! The boy realises the truth that the moose is free and doesn’t really belong to anyone. I loved this book because it shows children the freeness of nature and that it belongs to all of us and none of us at the same time. All we can do is care for it, all together.

One of the more popular of Jeffer’s books, it consists of letters written by a box full of crayons to a boy before they left him explaining the reason for each of them leaving. This funny book is sure to draw some laughter. Also try the sequel The Day the Crayons Came Home.

Ever tried to explain to a child who we are and how we got here? Seems very philosophical doesn’t it? This book handles it so well! Just read it to your children and this should satiate their curiosity for a while. I personally love the way our existence and our planet and all the creatures living on it are so simply explained, it is just like a child explaining to another child, which is exactly the narrative.

A boy befriends and a penguin wants to help him reach home. They have so much fun on the journey. Once they reach the penguins home, both realise home is where the heart is.

A boy once sees a star and wants one to be friends with it. He tries again and again to catch it failing many times, until he finally catches one. To me this book is about dreaming big, aiming high and then relentlessly pursuing what you aim for.

These books are all recommended for children between  3 to 7yrs of age but I heartily recommend that everyone including adults should read them.

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