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Suitable for Age: 15 months onwards

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Penguin Random House

It’s the 21st century and we can all rave about feminism but the truth is that gender equality exists in bits and pieces and is scattered across pockets of society and still is not a norm. This makes it very important for us to instill and normalise fluidity in gender roles rather than hard adherence to gender specific roles. 


Pink and Blue written by Ritu Vaishnav and illustrated by Vishnu Nair explains this is the most basic of ways such that even a toddler is able to understand and accept it. Boys can cry and cook and girls can fight and make a ruckus. Bright, cheerful and at times funny illustrations only add to the appeal of this indigenously produced book which makes it easy for Indian children to identify with it. A must have for every child, girl or boy.


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