Photo Credit_@ MommyBlogger
Photo Credit_@ MommyBlogger
Suitable age: 1 to 5 years Format: Boardbook, Hardcover Publisher: North South Books

One of the must have books according to so many lists. When I read it, I found it quite disappointing. It’s about a fish with beautiful shiny rainbow scales. Everyone comes to him and asks him for one of his scales. He says no. Why should he share his scales? So he has no friends. He is sad and lonely so he goes to the wise octopus to ask what can he to to make friends. The octopus advises him to share his scales with everyone. So he gives away is scales one by one, until he has only one shiny rainbow scale left and now he has many friends all sporting one of his brilliant rainbow scales.

Photo Credit_
guyett.girls, Google Images
Photo Credit_ guyett.girls, Google Images

I can see one problem with this story. It seems to be telling children to buy their friends. Give them everything you have else no one will want to be friends with you.


Friendship should not be dependent on what and how materialistic things you can give your friends. Friendship is about shared experiences, mutual love for things and just being happy in each other’s company. Sharing is different than giving. It’s voluntary and unconditional. I don’t want to teach my daughter to be friends with people who keep wanting stuff from her and that it is alright that whether they stay friends with her depends on a steady flow of material from her to them.


I would rather she makes fewer but real friends who stay with her through thick and thin.

Parents, give this one a miss.

Photo Credit_guyett.girls
Photo Credit_guyett.girls

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