Suitable age: 15 months onwards

Format: Paperback Picture books

Publisher: Shree Book

Naisha is a sweet little girl who goes places and does things.


I introduced Naisha Series to my baby at 14 months, even if the suggested age on the books given is 2 to 5 years, as we had slowly begun to graduate from board books to paperbacks, and with its vibrant colors and simple illustrations, Naisha was the perfect book, to begin with.


The book has a unique format, a mix of a story and first words book combined. Once opened the left-hand side shows a scene and has one or two sentences written about the scene at the bottom and the right-hand side has four to six images of objects from the scene with their names.



You read about the scene and then point to the objects individually to name them and then point them out in the scene. This read and repeat format is highly effective in building vocabulary. Within a month of starting the books, my now 15-month-old was able to point out over 40 words from the two books I introduced to her.


Books can be used in many ways. Firstly to build and reinforce vocabulary, then as a find and seek book where you point to the object on the right and side and ask the child to look for it in the scene on the left-hand side thus improving concentration. As the child grows older you can use the last page of the book to reinforce sight words so they learn to spell the words they read and once they reach the self-reading stage they can start reading the simple sentences about the scene on the left-hand side.




The Naisha Series has 24 books in the set covering most of the places a child would encounter like a supermarket, a train station, a hotel, or a zoo. Reading books about these environments helps children understand them and not be afraid of them as children usually are when going to a new place. If they already know some objects around them, they tend to be less anxious about a new place.

Another great thing about these books are that they have been indigenously designed and written. So they are very easy to identify with for Indian children unlike books like Topsy and Tim or Maisy series where children encounter many westernized concepts and words that are hard to relate to for Indian children.


The Naisha series is a must-have for building vocabulary from an early age and introducing children to new places


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