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Suitable age: 15mths onwards

Format: Hardbound picture book

Publisher: Chronicle books

Not all books that are given a Caldecott Honor deserve them but Brenden Wenzel’s They All Saw A Cat is an exception.

The book is about a cat walking around the house and the garden, encountering various creatures like a fish, a bird, a mouse, and the boy whose pet she is. Every creature sees the cat differently. For the boy, she is a sweet little animal to be petted and cuddled while for a mouse she is a creature straight out of his nightmares. The earthworm and the bat both never actually “see” the cat but in their own way they know, it’s a cat when she passes by them.

A book about perception, makes you realize how one thing or person is viewed differently by everyone and how their own experiences always affect their perception. At the end of the book, the cat sees itself very differently than any of the other characters see it. It helps to explain to children how their self-worth should not be dependent on others’ perceptions as they can often be marred by their own insecurities.

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