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Kids always see and learn things in their surroundings. They Love color, shapes, feel the textures and learn accordingly. This book includes all of these things and more…

This book will help them to learn about colors, Shapes, Size and many more things.Â

Recommended Age: 1 – 4 Years

Activities Included: 

Cover Page– It has a Ship and water made of felt.Â

1st Page- “Colorful Peacock” This activity is about teaching Different colors and match the colors with the Peacock Wings. This includes 8 colors and it makes a Beautiful Rainbow. Â

2nd Page- “Shapes Balloon” It has 5 Shapes to match. Each shape is attached with a Ribbon that keeps the shapes attached to the page only.

3rd Page-Barn Activity” This is a Barn page which has 6 Barn finger Puppets which can be used as story Props and help kids to learn about different animals. It also has a wind mill which is attached with a magnetic snap that helps kids in motor skills.

4th Page- “Fishing Page” This is the most favorite activity of the kids and they love to do this again and again and which also help kids for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. This is about catching fish with a Magnetic rod. They learn counting plus can learn about different fish.

Back Page- It has A zipper to keep the loose parts of the Book.

Scope Of learning:

  • Helps in hand eye Coordination
  • Improves Fine motor skills
  • Problem solving Ability


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