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A Car themed activity book for toddlers who love Cars!!Â

Recommended Age: 2 – 6 Years

Activities Included:

  • Racing Track – A lacing activity where the child has to complete the racing track moving the car from small tunnels and reaching to the start point
  • Park Your Vehicle – Color matching and Maze. A fun and engaging activity. Park the same colored vehicle in their respective parking slots. Fill fuel on the way.
  • Mode of Transportation – A great way to learn the mode of transportation (Air, Land, Water). Child has to identify the object and place it at the right mode of transportation. Comes with Airplane, Rocket, Air Balloon, Ship, Boat, Submarine, Car, Bus and An Engine
  • 2 Piece Puzzle – Match the right pieces and make the object complete
  • Fishing Activity – Colors Matching, Counting, Shapes and Maze (in One Activity) – Catch fish using a small fishing rod (comes along with the book). Each fish is a specific color and shape e.g. Yellow Rectangle Fish or Green Triangle Fish. Also has a maze where the child has to feed the fish. Helps in improving/building the motor skills
  • Counting Activity – Have fun counting the beads and placing the same number of fish (while matching the color) in the boats .Also can learn pattern puzzle what comes next?

The back has a zipper to keep all the lose parts of the book.Â


Scope Of Learning

  • Learn colors, counting and the shapes with the fish
  • Puzzle helps in improving cognitive skills
  • Lacing activity improves hand eye coordinationÂ


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