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Ulta Pulta lion Is a Mini Quiet Book 15*15 cms in size.

It Has 6 pages with different activities that helps your child to develop fine motor skills. It is made of safe materials, Good quality felt with different kind of accessories. Quality of sewing is high, stitches are neat.

While Playing with the book A child will learn how to use different Kind of fasteners and solve Puzzles, learn about Different Vegetables & fruits, animals And Vehicles and Counting and Color Matching.Â

Cover Page: A lion with a magnetic Snap.

1st Page: Vegetable and Fruits : This page is about learning Different Fruits and Vegetables. And learn which Veg/Fruit grows where, what Color are they or Why They need Water or Why Vegetables and Fruits are Good for our Health.Â

2nd Page: Match the Color : This is about Moving the buttons and matching it with the same color Circle. This activity improves hand eye Co-ordination.

3rd Page: Solve the Puzzle : This is 6 Pcs. Puzzle activity. Solving puzzles helps reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. And Increased attention to detail.

4th Page: Counting: Count the seeds of the watermelon Slice and Put it on the right Number. Number puzzles help make maths enjoyable.

5th Page: Air, land, water Vehicle Activity: This activity Help Kids in learning about Different Mode of transports. later, they can learn about Which Transport Runs where.Â

6th Page : Air, land, water Animals Activity: This Activity Help Kids in learning about Different Animals and Who lives where. It helps in improving Vocabulary. once they Understand this concept, You can talk further about animals like Size of a Shark or How A bird Fly. Also, can introduce More animals.

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