Becoming a parent requires a lot of mental and physical strength. There are no basic rules and principles when it comes to parenting because kids exhibit different abilities. Parenting is not learned overnight. There are many things involved when it comes to taking care of an infant until they get older. One of the best places to understand the ‘art of parenting’ is through a book. In this contemporary era, conscious parenting has become essential because there are some traits babies have to exhibit when young. In the older generation, anyone could parent a child through whatever method was passed to them or the ones used to raise them while growing up. 

However, times have changed. Children are growing faster and exhibiting uncommon traits that ordinarily should be expected when they are much older. Nevertheless, books should be the first thing every parent gifts their babies. It serves as a foundation for their academic excellence and mental sharpness as they grow up. The 5 types of books mentioned below are what every parent should have to assist their child’s development. They are:

Sound Books

A baby doesn’t immediately understand their parent’s words or actions. Only with repetition, comes assimilation. The sounds they hear help their brains grasp the meanings of the words being said to them and the actions associated with those words.

For example, you have to keep repeating cow says moo to a child over and over for them to associate the sound with an animal. This gets easier with sound books as a sound book about farm animals will have a picture of a cow and when they press the picture the book makes the animals calling sound. As the child presses the buttons over and over and looks at the picture and hears the sound, assimilation takes place and the child learns on their own using a book.

Below are reasons to have a ‘sound’ book as a parent:

  • It helps your baby learn communication.
  • It helps a baby get familiar with basic concepts like colors, shapes, numbers, and letters that can be easily taught by a sound book.
  • Develops a child’s vocabulary, listening skills, and good memories.
  • Babies get to know about the world around them.

You will be surprised as when your baby celebrates his or her first birthday, he or she will have already grasped some basic words and phrases in their native language.

Puppet Books

Every child must have their imaginations engaged while growing up. They must dream of a world of wonders where the bright light, sun, and moon are colliding together. This is the importance of puppet books. The truth is that children get connected to things that keep them occupied. For instance, most babies tend to put puppet dolls in their mouths, and most importantly, it is a means of having fun. To make your baby livelier, get a puppet book to know the kind of puppet-play that is ideal for their growth.

Cloth / Felt Books

 A cloth book serves as a means of entertainment reading. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right fabrics that are enough to catch the baby’s attention or use soft pastel colors for a soothing tone. Ensure to have this book as a parent because it helps to entertain your baby.

Lift the Flap Books

 Flap books are an ideal way to teach a baby how to make predictions. It is a form of guessing game. It is fun, and the prediction skill learned from it helps your baby develop an essential skill needed for many subjects. To start with, make your child guess what they think they will find before opening it.

Touch and Feel Books

Usually, babies begin to develop sensing abilities as they grow. Their ability to sense helps them get knowledge of the outside world and know some specific details about different things. These sensing abilities include the ability to hear, feel, taste, visions, and touch. The best step toward this is to get them to touch and feel books; it is also a means of education for babies. It is the first step to getting information.

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