Author: Fiona Watt


This book is filled with delightful series aimed at little children with clear images, textures with different patches, and is designed to help develop a child’s language and sensory awareness. The book has a powerful drive that stimulates a child’s brain to learn about words, view images, and have a graphic representation within his or her brain. Also, babies will be excited, touching the feely patches in the book.


This exciting book is part of a series designed for preschoolers and toddlers to experience how to feel and touch. The book enables children to learn, improve and broaden their language skills through the introduction of lively adjectives which are used to describe each new character. These adjectives are not the ones readers search for in their quest for knowledge. Instead, the book contains a unique title and is very exciting, which depicts the book title “That’s not my elephant!”

As toddlers and preschoolers are always changing, growing, and learning, this book is an ideal addition to your baby’s homeschooling books. The perfect way to do this is to select a title to read during the homeschool schedule every month. The book is the beginning of knowledge for your child in the vocabulary world.

Reading this book to your child will not only educate them but also help them stay engaged, learn fresh and new things. Aside from this, the book is filled with lively vocabulary words that your child will get acquainted with each time you turn to a new page, and it helps your child’s brain assimilate even when they get into school.

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